Bachelor of Science Undergraduate Session 2019-20


The following disciplines are studied in BS Program:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)
Bachelor of Science in Garments Manufacturing (BSGM)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BSM)
Bachelor of Studies in English (BSE)

Eligibility for Admission


The candidates who have passed their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) in any of the following groups in Annual Examinations of 2019 or earlier up to Annual Examinations of 2016 and have secured at least 60% marks (Grace marks shall not be considered) from any recognized Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Pakistan or from foreign countries, are only eligible to apply for admission in the disciplines mentioned against them:

Name of Degree Program Name of Group of Studies Eligibility for Admission
i Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Pre-Engineering Group
General Science Group
ii Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Pre-Engineering Group
General Science Group
iii Bachelor of Science in Garment Manufacturing Pre-Engineering Group
Pre-Medical Group
General Science Group
iv Bachelor of Business Administration Pre-Engineering Group
Pre-Medical Group
General Science Group
Commerce Group
v Bachelor of Studies in English All Group

The candidates who have passed the above examinations or equivalent examinations before Annual Examination 2016 shall not be eligible for admission.

Those students, who were admitted to any other institutes / universities before applying for admission in Mehran University and were rusticated, debarred or their admissions were cancelled, shall not be considered for admission in the University. Additionally, if the students withhold information regarding such a disciplinary action and they were granted admission; their admission will be cancelled immediately after ascertaining such facts. Those candidates who have been convicted involving moral turpitude shall also be refused admission in the University.

Computer-based Pre-admission Test

The candidates having secured less than 40% score in the Pre-admission Test shall not be eligible for the admission in this University.

The final merit list of the candidates for each district / category will be prepared by calculating the overall merit, based on the marks obtained in each of the following examinations, multiplying them with the respective weightage and adding the result to calculate the “Composite Percentage Number” (CPN) as described below:

Percentage of Marks in: Multiplying Weightage
A Secondary School Certificate
(Science group) (Matriculation):
B Higher Secondary School Certificate - Intermediate (with adjusted marks*): 0.30
C Pre-admission Test 0.60

For example, if a candidate has secured 70% marks in SSC, 65% marks in HSSC and 50% marks in pre-admission test; his/her CPN would be given by:

CPN = 70*0.1+60*0.3+50*0.6 =7+18+30= 55 (Percent)

*Adjusted marks means marks secured in HSSC examination plus additional marks if any.

Fees Payable at the Time of Admission:

Admission Fee
(Per Year)
Tuition Fee
(Per Quarter)*
Marks Certificate Verification Fee
Enrollment Card Fee
Smart Identity Card Fee
Caution Money - Refundable (Once)

*        Tuition Fee and other package fee per month is Rs. 10,000 which is payable quarterly (10,000 x 3 = 30,000). The deserving students will the provided financial support for the payment of tuition fee.

**     The marks certificate verification fee will be charged per certificate. If a candidate has more than one marks certificates, the verification fee amounting to RS. 1,500-00 will be charged for each certificate.

Note: Examinations or any other fee, if applicable will be charged as per existing other undergraduate programs.


The test is divided into following four parts and sub-parts:

Subjects Marks
Part I: English

Sentence correction
30 Questions
Part II: Quantitative Analysis

Series problems
Algebraic problems
Arithmetic problems
Geometric and trigonometric problems
30 Questions
Part III: General Science 20 Questions
Part IV: Intelligence Quotient 20 Questions


Academic Calender 2020 For BS-Program

Distribution of Seats discipline-wise for various Districts, Disciplines and Categories at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro

Explanation of Abbreviations

Bachelor of Business Administration.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.
Bachelor of Studies in English.
Bachelor of Science in Garment Manufacturing

Prospectus for BS PROGRAM

The information presented here is general, the detailed information can be found in the Prospectus.